I say I do, do you?


Well, we all have to begin somewhere mustn’t we?  No better place to begin than here, and no better time to begin than now, right?   Carpe Diem!  The aim of this blog is to explore thriving.  To explore self, to explore soul, to explore life, to enjoy life!

What does that mean?  That’s different for each of us and the task appointed to each individual.  I can’t tell you what thriving looks like for you, that’s your job.  For right now, for me, it’s figuring out who exactly I am.  Like, the me that’s actually me and not the me that I was trained to be by my family, friends, teachers, society, media,etc etc…

You know the person that was told from infancy that to really be a  successful person  I needed to go to school and land the good job with its great benefits and meet Mr. Right and raise the perfect family and suck it up and keep going until I hit retirement or die trying…Or whatever your version of that conditioning is, its similar and its utterly different for each one of us.  Bottom line I attempted to be really happy in a world I was told (and subsequently believed) was best for me.  Based on OTHER peoples definitions, not mine.  I was miserable, though by all outward appearances I should have been happy as a lark.

My definition of thriving is determining who the me is that actually makes me happy, the me that I actually want to be around.  The me I can love.    I think that’s part of the “issue” with the world.  Not enough I in me.

So, if you have enough I in me then you wake up excited to be alive.  You walk around with a kindness in your heart towards everyone and everything.  You see possibilities where most only see a mess.  Your life overflows with abundance, in all areas!  The world becomes your playground.  The best things in life literally start amassing for you.  Why?  Because you LIVE your life, you view your life from a stable, confident, joyous perspective.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  I think so.

So where do you begin such a journey?  By standing and facing yourself.  Scariest thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve done some scary stuff!  This desire started me on my journey from moving beyond merely surviving into thriving.  Into actually being a person that it makes me happy to be, so it is worth it.  Worth letting go of the death grip I had on fear, the one that kept me still and quiet and small and moving from one “horrible” mistake to another, miserable for decades.

Thriving means actually waking up in the morning and being overjoyed with the prospect of being alive another day.  Not “aw s#$!, here we go again”.  So where do you begin?  By making a commitment to thrive.

Not commitment to others, not obligatory commitments, but rather commitment to Self.  You want to move beyond surviving and into thriving?  In order to do that you HAVE to love, or at the very least, like and trust yourself.  Well how does one go about that?  Especially when one has spent their entire life NOT trusting self.



Commit to the idea, first and foremost that you CAN actually thrive!  Regardless of what the circumstances dictate, regardless of how you might currently actually feel or think about your life.  Anyone can thrive.  It’s all about perspective.


Don’t like the perspective from which you are experiencing the world?  CHANGE IT!

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back–the moment one definitely commits oneself then Providence moves too…Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.  Begin it now.”

~Goethe or William Murray (different sources)

I think one of the most important first “ingredients” to this change of perspective, this newfound commitment to self,  is a disciplined mind.  So lets start there.  Begin to organize your mind.  You’ll never control the 60 thousand or more thoughts that fly through your mind daily, but you can redirect the flow.  Open new “doors” and pathways that allow a more beneficial flow.

The more unhappy and scattered my thinking, the more unhappy and scattered and disorganized and distracted my life.  Want a cleaner, better, more abundant, more successful, happier, more exciting, etc, etc etc life?  Well, who doesn’t?

Discipline your mind.  Redirect your thoughts along a pathway YOU choose, in lieu of being drug along like a toddler in one of those harness thingys.

Sooo….how I go about doing that?  Commit to it!  Say I do, to YOU!   Commit to yourself, step one!  No more wishy washy, “well, I’ll get around to it…..just as soon as I finish this bag of Cheetohs.” Or, “I’ll do that next paycheck.”  Or, “When I get that new job.”  Or whatever your excuse is, you know what it is!

As Nike loves to say, “Just DO it.”


Commit, read that book you’ve been meaning to read, make that list that you’ve been meaning to make, take the course you’ve been meaning to take, carve out the five minutes you keep saying you’re going to devote to meditation and begin playing with it, actually get out your scissors and glue and slap together that vision board you’ve been thinking about for 5 years, go to the beach, write the book, call the friend.  Anything that is on your list of “I think this is a step towards a better me.”

There are tons of teachers out there and tons of books written on the subject.  Pick one that resonates with you, pick one that irritates you, pick one that lights up in your awareness, likely there is something valuable there for you.

Begin.  Begin now looking for ways to understand your mind (or your self or your soul, whatever resonates best), control your mind, and ultimately free yourself from your mind.

Any step you take, is one step closer.  Begin, commit to yourself and commit to thriving!!  Wishing you a bright and brilliant day! ❤






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