Raise your Expectations

So…just to clarify a smidge, when I spoke of disciplining your mind in the last post, I was speaking more of a directional thing, as opposed to a control every single thought you think thing (that might be impossible, I’ll get back to y’all on that one though). Get your thoughts to all speak to one another and move in the same general direction, preferably in the direction you want them to go!

So how many of you have ever heard be careful what you wish for because you just might get it?  Likely most of you, if not all.  This is a perfect example of one of those “conditions” we must unearth ourselves from.

Think about it, what does a wish represent?  Something friggin’ awesome, right?  Something which the attainment of will make your life better! (I’m not speaking of ill wishes of any sort, that’s just asking for more bad ju-ju…just leave that be!)

That’s the hope isn’t it, for any wish?  I will feel better if this were in my life, or out of my life, or…fill in the blank,  and then someone comes along and dabs the last part on there…cause you just might get it..  That’s like the jerk in school slapping a kick me sign on your back without your knowledge. Bad ju-ju, mixed signals, misdirected thinking, out of whack expectations!!  AHHH!   Why does there have to be the EXPECTATION of NOT liking it should your wish actually come true?  What’s wrong with getting the wish I hold in my heart about whatever it is that I think is gonna make my life better? (Nothing, just so you know, nothing at all.)

This is in line with the phrase about waiting for the other shoe to drop as well (another highly conditional phrase).  It keeps us always in this precarious position of “I want this, oh s$%^, should I want this?  What if I get it and the world collapses?  What if I get it and my entire life falls apart?  What if I get it and someone else suffers because of it?!  AHHHHHHHH!!!”  Talk about mixed messages!  No wonder so many of our  expectations fall short, for ourselves and for life in general.

We have this desire and its a genuine desire (not revenge or oppression folks)  a genuine desire from the heart for a better feeling scenario, situation, person, place or thing.  And we allow this baby wanting to enter our consciousness, yet the majority of our consciousness is overwhelmed with the conditions previously mentioned (and innumerable others).  Gad!  So what’s a person to do? Just give up, it’s too hard!  Bluh!  No, no, no. Never give up.  Life really CAN be good, and you CAN have the good things.


This leads me to the point of todays post.  Raise your expectations and lower your tolerance.  Again, I speak to the thoughts you allow in your lovely mind.  I am not speaking a word to anything that is currently manifest in your life.  Don’t walk out and berate your car from not being an A8, nor anyone in your life for not being the supermodel/superstar you “expected” to end up with, and don’t get all pissy at your “crap” job that is kindly paying your bills currently.

“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.” Bruce Lee

You’re here to live up to your OWN expectations.  Not happy with the results?  Baby step your way to better expectations. Back to our earlier statement, be careful what you wish for, because you JUST MIGHT get it.  Well, maybe you will and maybe you won’t, a good way to know, is what are you expecting?  You’ve likely heard the comment, you get what you think about.  Yes this is true(part of the whole, direct your thoughts, suggestion from yesterday), you also get what you EXPECT to get AND you also get what you tolerate.  I mean the thoughts you tolerate  and repetitively allow space for in your head.

Beyond managing expectations, lets raise them.  I don’t mean towards life at this point,   don’t expect more from LIFE until you consistently expect (and get) more from YOURSELF.  Raise your expectations of what YOU are capable of, what you desire in your life, how you feel and LOWER your tolerance for the amount of crap you allow to run through your mind.


How do I do this?  Baby steps!  First become AWARE of what you are allowing to run through your mind constantly, and how you are feeling.  You don’t know what you don’t know. The majority of folks live a great deal of their lives in an unconscious manner, lives set on auto pilot.  Tired of the rat race?  Step off the wheel and begin walking your own path. You do this by waking up, waking up to what’s truly running your life.  Waking up to the patterns of your life.  Begin to become conscious of what  and WHO you TRULY  are.  What do you expect to happen in your life?  For real and for true? Beyond just the surface wishes of, “Oh God I wish I could win the lottery!” All the while in your heart of hearts you don’t believe anything like that could EVER happen to you…(guess what life is going to give back to you? Here’s a hint: what you feel, deep down, to be true.)

How many times have you greeted a friend or co-worker and inquired after them and the response was “same s#!*, different day”?  That is a person that lives mainly on auto-pilot, that is a person that has been conditioned by life in lieu of living deliberately.   Nothing wrong with that, unless it drives you crazy.  It drove me crazy, so I ran away screaming from anything that had to do with “SSDD”.

So, begin by noticing, how am I feeling?  What thoughts am I tolerating?  Because the 1st, the absolutely very 1st negative thought you allow to run pell-mell across your brain-space, opens the door for all the rest to come in.  “Oh, she’s not watching!  Let’s go gang!  Mud all over the floor!” and then, before you know it you are in a bad mood, anxious, unhappy, distracted and have “no idea” why.  It’s because you didn’t turn that very first dirty puppy around at the door!

Thoughts are attractive, magnetic, and by that I mean they resonate at a certain frequency and attract thoughts within a similar frequency range. Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying goes.  You allow that first uninhibited negative thought in the door and by force of resonance, that is the “tone” you are setting for your mind.  That is how we get to feel that our thoughts are thinking us, instead of the other way round.

So, what dirty puppies are you allowing to run all over your clean floor?  Just start by noticing them, and CONGRATULATE yourself when you catch them. (We’ll wash them later) . And simply escort them back out on the porch and make the COMMITMENT to yourself to begin only allowing clean puppies through the door of your mind.   Set the intention and have the EXPECTATION of yourself to begin to wake up to the unconscious patterns that have heretofore run the majority of your life.

Being awake is awesome!  Being awake is empowering.  Being awake is fun!  Being awake allows the good life to be.  Expect to wake up, to yourself, to your truth, to your joy, to a better feeling place.  Have a beautiful blissful day, my friends.


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