Are you following the call of your life?


Do you do what you love in life?  What do you love? Do you allow what you love into your life?  Allow it to move your life?  Or do you torment yourself with the never ending quest for its attainment?  Or perhaps even for its identity?  Always keeping it just out of reach like the proverbial carrot on a stick in front of a horse’s nose?

Do what you love and…the world becomes your playground. Do what you love and the money will follow. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Do what you love and your life will have meaning.  Do what you love and the world will be a better place for it.  Do what you love and you’ll be fulfilled.  How many of you have heard those phrases, or the gagillion other similar ones?

Do what you love.  Is it that simple?  Really?  Yes, if you allow it to be, if you choose to believe it can be, when you get out of your own way.  You feel joy when you allow yourself to do the things you love, be it the grand calling of your life, or merely those simple things that bring you immense joy and pleasure on a day to day basis.  It does not matter the scale, what matters is following the pulse of your life.

My darling friend, Cat (irfriske), and I love to play with words.  We love words, to write them, to read them, to speak them, and to meddle with the definitions of them.  She shared with me a gem she uncovered yesterday and it spoke to me in such a profound manner, I feel compelled to share.

It is my belief, my truth, that the being that is me (all of us in my opinion) emanate from the space between our heartbeats.  That is the stillness and the silence to which I go when I meditate, that is the energetic portal that gives rise to the being I know as myself, constantly.  Now when we are in the flow of life, when we are living our truth, following the call of our passions, listening to the voice of our hearts, we get impulses.

Those impulses guide us as surely as any roadmap, to the fulfillment of our dreams, to the fairytale coincidences that many people believe simply aren’t possible.  They are your call to life.  Cat knows this belief,  she shares a similar version of it and we talk of such things often,  so Cat’s gift to me yesterday was a play on the world impulse.   She said, “listen to this word, impulse.  What does it sound like?”  And I heard it.  “pulse.” I said and she said “yes, In Pulse.  When we follow the impulses of our life, we are in the flow, the rhythm, the pulse of ourselves.”  GAH!! That’s awesome!  What a gift!!  What a delightful treasure of a word and a new clarity of meaning around it!  Are you following the pulse of yourself?  Do you remember how?

What do you love to do?  I love to be happy. I love to write. I love to draw. I love to ride my horses. I love to read. I love to create things with my hands and with my mind. I love to listen to my son tell me his zany stories and act out the joyous goofiness that dwells within him. I love adventures.  I love to exercise and the fact that I CAN get up to exercise now when as recently as 3 months ago, that was just a fond wish.  I love a great many things, too numerous for this tiny little blog post.

Will me following the call of my loves change the world?  Simply, yes. It doesn’t matter the scale.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a change of epic, global proportions, it changes MY world.  Will doing the things you love change the world?  For certain, even if it, too, is only your own world.  Yet how profound a thing that is.  Think of a world in which the majority of the people are doing the things they love to do.  Think of the feel of such a world.  Think of the flow of such a world, think of the lack of desperation in such a world.  Think of what a world full of self-empowered, happy people is capable of.

What do you love? Do you even know? A few months ago, heck, even a few days ago, I still wouldn’t even allow myself to admit to loving some of the things I hold within my heart. I love to inspire people. I love to be inspired. I love to see something or read something or do something that inspires me to more, which inspires me to rise.  I love things that call forth my shine.

Sometimes the only person I inspire is myself. But that’s alright, I’m someone, if I won’t even shine my light for myself, who will?  You might be surprised the number of people in your life that you are an inspiration to.  Shine.  The world needs more shine. That’s why we are here, to shine. To be, uniquely and beautifully US, in whatever shape and color and form and function that brings you the most delight.


By doing this, by shining, in whatever fashion we can, in whatever way we can, we give permission to others.  We show others, through the clarity of OUR being, that we are made of the light, we are made of love. We come from inspiration, we are inspiration, and joy and clarity. We are creators. Life is an adventure and its meant to be a grand, fun, joyous experience!

We are here to guide each other, we are here to learn from each other, we are here to BE. Be whatever it is in our heart of hearts to BE. Doesn’t matter whether that is to be a 9-5 number cruncher, a dog catcher, a horse trainer, a movie star, a rock star, a coach, an author, a painter, a dancer, a mom, a dad, a brother, a sister, famous or a nobody. Whatever floats your boat…go for it.

Whatever that call is in your heart, you know the one I’m talking about. The one that has such a poignancy to it makes you cry sometimes for the feelings it generates within you. That calling that pulls your soul in a direction your mind, at times,  can’t even grasp, and likely will argue with you about. Because that call of your heart comes from your soul. Call it whatever you want, it comes from that place that is beyond the conditioning, beyond the layers of energetic patterns we elected to birth within, beyond the mind, beyond the body.

What you love to do, is that thing that won’t leave you alone, that thing that brings you back around to it, time and time again.



One of my nearest and dearest friends wanted to be a wife and a mother, that was her dream.  That was the calling in her heart.  She went to school and got a degree because that’s what her family wanted her to do.  She worked hard and denied her dream because just getting married and having babies wasn’t anything to aspire to, according to the conditioning she grew up with.  She got the great job and loved it, but in her heart of hearts, her true love kept calling her, and she wasn’t fulfilled until she brought that dream to life.  It’s a beautiful dream, lovely in every way, yet she took a very pain filled route to get to it, because of her conditioning.  What are the edicts in your mind holding you from?  What glorious aspects of yourself are your conditioned programs holding you from?

Sometimes we get to the point where we can’t hear that calling any more because we bury it under those mountains of belief programs and conditioning. How do we find it again? How do we hear that still silence that calls louder than  an air raid siren within the confines of our soul? That call, that if we ignore, feels like it’s ripping us to shreds from the inside out.

Heck, maybe you don’t even know what it is that is ripping your heart to shreds.  That used to be my story.  I buried myself under so much stuff (conditioning), I had no clue.  No conscious clue, that is.  I was just miserable.  I had this exquisite pain in my soul ripping me to pieces every day, but I had buried it so deeply all I could feel was the pain of unfulfilled dreams. I knew I wanted, I knew I used to feel passionate about…something…but I couldn’t remember what it looked like, could barely remember what it felt like, but still it kept calling me.  Looking back I see the cookie crumb trail plain as day, but as I was slogging through it, I couldn’t see the crumbs for all the conditions and obligations I couldn’t get my focus off of.

So how do we free that call?  How do we KNOW what we love to do?  For some of you this is easy-peasy, you know, and you’ve always known.  You might not actually be doing it, but it’s that thing that when someone asks you if you could do anything, what would you do and you have a ready answer.  Bravo!!  Start taking steps in that direction!  For those of you who might have lost it, or think you’ve lost it, what about you, what can you do to begin living within the pulse of your life once more, instead of being beaten to death by it?

You make it your focus, there is so much power in choice.  You decide to uncover what it is you TRULY love.   You listen for it, start from the space of what do I THINK would make me happy?  What, from my current perspective, FEELS like the calling of my heart?  If you have spent a lifetime burying it, it might take some time to unearth it.  It might take some digging, you might not get to it immediately, but if you will simply follow the call of what feels better, you WILL get to it.  What do I feel like doing right now that might raise me up, even if it’s just a little?  The trail is there, the cookie crumb trail to your delight, to your peace, to your joy, to your passion, to your love.

Its always there, staring us in the face, so allow yourself to begin, now!  Do what you love, even if you have to baby step your way to it.  Listen to the pulsing of your heart, go within the silence between the beats and allow yourself to rise.  Allow the truth of you to come screaming to the surface for all the world to see, and be inspired by.  Shine your light, because all of us are a beacon for someone.



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