It was the worst of times…no wait, it was the best of times…



How many of you have ever experienced the WORST EVENT EVER!!?  Or perhaps the worst scenario ever?  Worst break up, divorce, accident, injury, foreclosure, worst fight, car repossessed, death (not your own), worst parachute fight…  You get the picture.

Something that is generally thought of as absolutely the WORST thing that could ever happen to a body. Heck it might even be high on YOUR defined list of worst things ever.   Most of us have experienced something of this sort, at one time or another, or often.  And it might legitimately FEEL like the absolute worst possible thing that could have happened to you.   That’s it, you’re done, all in, no more, at the end of your rope, end of your chain, end of the line.   You might be heartbroken, you might be destitute, you might be jobless, you might be hopeless, you might be homeless,  you might be depressed, you might even be suicidal.

And you know what?  I say how effing exciting!  Because in THAT moment, true catharsis can occur.  How do I know, what makes me such an authority?  I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt and survived. Then rinsed and repeated, until I learned.  In those moments just following your personal tragedy,  the momentum of misguided thoughts and beliefs has come crashing to the ground and you have the opportunity to rise from the wreckage a completely new individual.  A completely altered being.  You can remain in victim patterns or you can decide in that moment to take charge of your life.  You can continue to burn, or you can emerge from the fires of your own personal  hell and rise.

Because none of that stuff “just happens”.  Even death, but that’s just my belief, feel free to disagree with me on that one.  You are free to choose anything, actually, you wish to believe.  This is less about death though than about the other calamities we can be faced with in life.  None of these so called accidents are in any way shape or form, accidental. The energy in which you swim, the constant conscious or unconscious level of thought that you resonate at, what you love, what you fear, what you hate, what you expect, all build the world in which we exist and how we perceive it.  Once something dramatic, such as an accident or a sudden and abrupt departure from the norm occurs, it is life smacking us with a 2×4, or something bigger.  “WAKE UP!”

This is your wake up call from life.  Your natural internal guidance, your gps has been screaming at you and you weren’t listening, so life kindly redirects you in the most expedient and, believe it or not, gentlest way possible.  We ask and we pray and we hope and we desire and then lament when nothing changes, when life keeps socking it to us.  Life is not socking it to us, we are socking it to ourselves by blindly stumbling along in an unconscious, likely detrimental, pattern that is leading us someplace we don’t want to go and won’t be happy with when we get there.

Life is CONSTANTLY “speaking” back to us.  Life is constantly offering the invitation to wake up and become more conscious and deliberate in the creation and enjoyment of our lives.  Before we even ask it is given, and that is because we are energetic beings so much more than this little lump of flesh and blood that we so tightly identify with.  Most can’t see that energetic aspect of themselves and in our highly conditioned Western society it is still considered a bit outside the norm to even acknowledge it, but times are changing.


Choice is king.  The chooses of you are the truthses of you.  What you choose to feel, what you choose to believe, what you choose to focus on, ESPECIALLY in moments such as these, will either further entrap you or utterly set you free.  You see these things don’t happen by accident, they happen by design. YOUR OWN DESIGN.

We are the creators of our own lives, top to bottom.  The beliefs you CHOOSE to operate from, color the entire tapestry of your life.  Every single aspect of it. So what happens when you are firmly situated in a belief structure that has you feeling out of control, has you feeling at the mercy of fate or the man or life or your Gods or what have you?  You beat that drum, over and over and over, inside your mind.  So often and so softly that you likely can’t even hear it any longer, its been there so long and so low its like the hum of a refrigerator.  You don’t notice it.

You fret, you worry, you angst, you rage, you deceive, you lie, you cheat, you steal, you bust your ass for no reward, you sacrifice, you slave, you are frustrated , one step forward two steps back, etc.  The list is endless and agonizing.  You feel overwhelmed, you feel trapped, you feel limited, you feel like a failure and it keeps snowballing.  The worse you feel, the worse you feel.  And then some bright and shiny person comes along and says, “Hey!  Your beliefs create your reality!” and you want to punch them in the face.

Not so much because they are cheerful sots, 🙂 but because you WISH, with all your heart, you could believe them.  But you’ve spent ALL this time, perhaps even your whole life LIVING the evidence of the beliefs you are so entrapped in, you can’t even see them for what they are.  Merely a lifetime of choice, directed and colored by the perceptions allowed by your beliefs.

So set yourselves free, you are your jailor and you hold the key to your freedom.  By waking up to the patterns that have been running your unconscious life.  It’s not the big fat mystery I always though it was.  It’s actually quite logical and sound and simple as pie.  Life is a reflection of patterns that run inside you, it’s like the entire world is a gigantic theater and our eyes are projecting the dramas of our patterns out onto it for all to see.

But the movie of our lives is most especially for ourselves.  Our lives are a language that only the liver of that life can decipher with 100% accuracy.  Because it isn’t always a 1 to 1 reflection.  You get some of the things you love, you get some of the things you fear, you get some of the things that irritate you, some of the things that amuse you, etc.  It seems a jumbled mess, until you begin to wake up and see the patterns for what they are.  Patterns of behavior, patterns of emotion, patterns of thoughts. We are utterly ruled by the patterns of our lives, until such time as we become aware of the patterns, and ultimately realize, we ourselves are the pattern makers.

It’s not fate, it’s not destiny, it’s not “just life”, its you and the energetic patterns that you allow to run through your system all day long, from the second you wake until you fall back asleep, and even your dreams will show you the patterns, if you will listen to them, and can interpret them, for they form an even more abstract pattern within a pattern.

The fun thing about unearthing patterns is that the more unconscious patterns you make conscious, the more your life starts to make sense.  The more you realize exactly how much of a choice you actually have in every aspect of your life.  It’s kind of like magic, and its available to every single person on the planet, all we need is a little more awareness. 

So go, begin to suss out those patterns that you might not even believe are actually the rulers of your world.  Start with the first thoughts that pop into your head in the morning.  Are they worried thoughts?  Are they anxious thoughts?  Are they excited thoughts?  Are they anticipatory thoughts?  Do you look forward to your day?  Have you been replaying an argument you had with your boss, or your lover, or your friend, or your child, or the cat next door for 2 days now and that’s the very first thing that pops into your mind when you awaken?    Do you jump up out of bed eager and excited for the possibilities of the day or do you groan and bury yourself back under the covers as deeply as you can, punching the snooze button for another 10 minutes of oblivion?

You can start there, that might be too big though, for some.  You see, patterns intertwine and overlap and carryover and are generally quite well made, so the ones that bombard you in the morning might be too deep, too heavy, too intense have too many deep ties in too many dark places.  That’s perfectly alright, if you don’t think you can touch any of those, look for those repetitive things you do during the day.  Do you compulsively think about winning the lottery and then catch yourself 5 thoughts later saying yeah right, like that’ll ever really happen? And then following the grey brick road of despondency to why you are stuck in your crappy  job?   There is a pattern there about abundance and probably worthiness and several other things. 

Do you always take the same route to work?  Do you always go to lunch with the same folks, or to the same place, or always order the same thing?  What do those patterns tell you? Start small, start simple, start wherever you are drawn to start. 


Make the intention that you are going to catch yourself in some repetitive act, what voices run in your head all day long? Are they mostly positive and happy and energetic? (If so, right on, your life is likely pretty awesome!)  Are they sluggish and cranky?  Are they anxious, are they mean, are they kind?  Once you catch a thought the third or fourth time, ask yourself why?  Why do I allow this to run through my head?  If it is something you feel you must worry about, why?  Worry solves nothing, it only perpetuates issues.  This has been proven, yet millions of people still engage in the, quite useless, act of worry.  Actually generating things and people and situations about which to worry more.  Why?  Patterns, we were taught by family, friends, schools, life.  So as Yoda says, you must unlearn what you have learned.  Teach yourself a new way to be.  Become a conscious creator of your life, instead of an unconscious passenger.  More awake, more conscious, more deliberate, more in charge of your own ship.

Begin now to unravel the blanket of your subconscious, or unconscious mind.  It is within your power, you can unearth the patterns that have been ruling your life and you can begin to reprogram yourself.  A really great book that explains this, in such a lovely way, is by Dr. Joe Dispenza and the title of the book is called Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.  The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden is also another great book to start with.   There are many, many, many excellent books out there about this subject, and a wide variety of teachers, so follow what piques your interest,  but if you need some ideas, these are a beautiful place to start.

You deserve a wildly successful life, you deserve a life you love and sometimes the absolute best way to find that is amidst the rubble of what you previously perceived as the greatest tragedy or calamity of your life.  The choice, as always, is yours.  It takes practice, it takes dedication, it takes some retraining, but the results are so worth it!!  Wishing you all great success, great satisfaction and great love.







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