I think I can…


“I can’t” is not the truth.  Not unless you believe it to be.  “I can’t” is merely a belief, in lieu of a statement of fact.  For do you realize that all truth is mutable?  You know why they say truth is stranger than fiction?  Because the truth is, its all fiction. 🙂

We make it all up based on our beliefs.   My truth is not your truth, is not your neighbor’s truth, is not your twin’s truth, is not your parent’s truth, is not your spouse’s truth, is not your children’s truth.  Sure, sure, we might share aspects of a similar truth, and generally agree about a great many things, but no two people on this great wide world will ever exactly know “the truth” as any other does.  How then, can we call it truth, if it is not absolutely true?  The only absolute truth I am aware of, is the truth of I am. I am, you are, we exist… unless of course you believe we are all figments of one another’s imaginations, then even that statement might not be absolutely true.  I’ll leave that one to you.

The only thing that is true for you is what you declare is true for you, what you acknowledge and give permission, within your own consciousness, to be true.  Yes, you are that powerful.  We all are.  I’ve spent years learning the patterns of my beliefs and subsequently releasing myself from the ones that don’t serve me and transforming them into a more user friendly version, , thereby changing my entire life.  My belief structures are set up in a way that lead me to my truths now instead of running for the hills and hiding behind what someone else told me was THE TRUTH.  I’ve untrained myself, retrained myself, redefined myself, so that this is now so.  This in turn allows the world I live within to be the beautiful place that I perceive it to be.

My definitions of life and beliefs are what allow me to look out and see only beauty in the world, and another to look out and see only oppression.  Which one is true?  Which vantage point is “right”?  Is mine?  Is yours?  Both,  for you see, life is not this or that, north pole or south pole, right or wrong, good or bad, me or you.  Life is ALL of it.  Life is the totality, the all encompassing aspect of everything.  “I am the Lord, and there is no other.  I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the Lord do all these things. ” Isaiah 45:7

Can we not say the same things about ourselves, in our own lives?  My beliefs color my choices, which color my reactions or responses to life, which also direct the way my head turns in any given moment.  I can choose the light, or the darkness.  I can choose to create or destroy.  I can choose to forgive or condemn.  What choices are you making?  Did you know, even your attitudes towards life are a choice?  Do you look upon the glass of life and think, ahh half full, or do you look upon the glass and think damn, half empty?  Either is a choice, colored by perception informed by the beliefs you carry within you.

Has it always been this way, has life always been this easy?  I can just pick up a belief and eyeball it and decide, “nope, you don’t serve me any longer, I’m tired of carrying you around, adios!”  Yes, but it can take some effort and some awareness and some intention.  Beliefs are sticky suckers and love to pull you back into them, and the other funny thing about beliefs is you might not realize you’re ass deep in one until something about it reaches up and bites you.  But never fear, usually its at that point that you suddenly wake up and realize you were wading hip deep in the steaming pile of old smelly beliefs you have been so determined to release yourself from.  Attention to anything allows it, invites it. So it is a delicate dance, a balancing act if you will, to become aware of an old belief that has been ruling your life without getting sucked back into its guts.  But its possible and folks do it all the time.

I did it, and I used to be one of the most oblivious people on the planet.  I hoped, I dreamed, I prayed, but I didn’t know.  Oh I’ve been seeking it for a great long while but I was desperately seeking salvation for sins I couldn’t even remember committing.  I wasn’t seeking truth, I was seeking absolution and I was running pell-mell away from my fears.  I was just as awash in the turmoil and confusion as anyone else, constantly persecuted by life for simply existing.  I would have an insight, feel elated and think, “yes, this is IT”, then get smashed on the rocks of reality yet again.  This was how the world was, this was how it worked, why keep fighting the machine?  Because I had to, I did keep fighting, because I knew there was more, I knew there was something beneath it all.

A couple of years ago  I had a revelation and through the holiday season of that year I sat with it and felt it becoming something more.  I began to see the strings that pulled me this way and that, and they were all inside my mind.  They wore every color and had every sound and they created the scenes of my life that I found myself immersed within.  At the beginning of last year I quit running away from my fear and stood and faced myself and realized it wasn’t salvation I was seeking, it was truth.  It was self, it was me and I began to understand and my understanding began to give way to knowing.  That’s when I began to REALLY hear my truth and believe it.  Up until then I was swimming and believing in everyone else’s truth.  I have had intuitions and urges and impulses my entire life, but I was too scared to listen, too conditioned to believe the sensations arising from within myself could be trusted.  I lacked faith in myself and so I still followed.

buddha statue in wat umong chiang mai travel thai temple in northern thailand thailand
I would get glimpses of my truth, feel little rays of sunshine breaking through the oppressive clouds of misery in which I walked around in, but it never lasted.  It was fleeting.  Yet once I caught wind of it, once I felt that sheer bliss of my own soul gracing me, like the sun shining down through a part in the clouds, I was hooked.  I still didn’t trust myself enough to go within, to believe the words of my own heart, because they were far too wrapped up in the words of the world.  So I looked outside, I read books, watched movies, attended lectures and seminars and sermons,  bought programs, seeking, seeking, seeking.  Always out there, always for someone else to show me THE WAY, depending on external guidance and confirmation.

This worked for so and so, therefore that must be the way to salvation, this worked for so and so therefore it must be the way to happiness.  This worked for so and so therefore it must be the way to wealth and prosperity, this worked for so and so therefore it must be the way to love.  This worked for you and you are blissfully happy, and I so desperately wish to be blissfully happy… Etc etc etc. But it gave me a place to start.  That’s all I’m suggesting, start, follow the yellow brick road of yourself down the paths they lead you on and you will eventually uncover yourself.  Eventually you will begin to trust yourself and that still subtle voice.

Luckily there are some powerful guides on this earth of ours, today more so than ever, with the information of the world being made available at our very fingertips.  We don’t have to travel to Tibet to interact with the Dalai Lama.  We don’t have to find an ashram in India.  We don’t have to venture to the remotest regions of the world and ascend a sacred mountain to have revelation handed to us.  The world is changing as rapidly as a wardrobe change at a superbowl halftime show. All reflecting exactly how much and how quickly we are rising within the awareness of self.

All the religious and philosophical texts have nuggets of truth, meant for the person they speak to.  It might not speak to you, and that’s alright, go pick up another one.  Eventually you will find one that resonates with you.  Eventually you will come into contact with one that will set you alight from the inside out.  Your entire body will zing with the clear bell of truth and possibility and you will rise within yourself.  You will look upon the world a slightly changed being, and crave to know more.   This information is usually wrapped in mystery, until you can see beyond the words, find that clear space beneath them from which they too rose.  They are all flavored slightly differently as well, as they should be!  Call it poetic license, all authors take some.

We each see the world slightly differently, we each have a different infinity residing within our skulls, and we each color every aspect of this world we come into contact with, with those definitions.  Doesn’t matter, they aren’t meant to be interpreted as THE TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.  They are meant as guides, pointers, directions.  “Look here,” they say, “someone has found truth and thought to share it with the world in the manner they felt was most effective for the time.”  Yet instead of picking it up and realizing it’s pointing within, historically it was taken as doctrine and used to insight fear and control and conformity.  No, no, the masses can’t handle that much freedom. Yet we are all awakening from that oppressive force, finally.  All over the planet, people are awakening to the truth every second.  And that truth lies within and cannot be contained by merely one text or another, cannot be contained by merely one person or another, but all of them, all of us.

We didn’t come here to be little cookie cutter people, all chopped and pressed out of the same exact mold, thinking the same exact thing, doing as we’re told.  What a boring world that would be!   We came here to ENJOY diversity!  We came here to enjoy the evolution of a soul from the deepest confines of restriction and opacity, to expand, to evolve to whatever level of translucency we desire to attain.  We didn’t come here to follow the rules as made up by someone else either.  We came here to express ourselves as fully and uniquely as we possibly can, following the call of our own guidance.


Truth is love, truth is forgiveness, truth is peace and freedom.  How do I know this?  By the feeling in my bones and my heart and my soul, that I have learned to listen to.   We, the spiritual or energetic we, is just as valid an aspect of YOU as the face you see when you look into the mirror and it is in CONSTANT contact with you, the little you, the face and form you wear.  We didn’t come here without a map, without guidance.  We are constantly in communication with our “higher selves”.  Or I should say our higher selves are constantly in communication with us, our physical selves, but our physical selves might not be listening.  The worse you feel, the further from your center, your source, you are operating.  The better you feel, the closer to your center you are being.  Quite simple.

You have to get the noise and voice of the world out of your ears so that you may hear the clear bell of your truth ringing in your heart.  It will guide you truly, every time.  Yet in order for it to do so  you must start saying I can.  Start believing yourself.  The truth of you speaks so softly it is quite hard to hear sometimes, that is why meditation is helpful.  Seek the silence as often as you can.  Until you find the silence, I find its helpful to fill your mind up with good things.  Read good books, something that makes you feel good, hopeful, glad to be alive.  If you must watch tv, watch empowering tv.  I don’t recommend tv for the most part, still too noisy and too much of the programming of the world in it, but to each their own.  Take walks in nature, go to the beach, sit on a rooftop and listen to the wind.  Exercise, anything that will bring you back into yourself and quiet that runaway loop of thoughts that seems to dominate an unconscious mind.


Begin to believe that you can change, begin to believe that you want to change.  Begin to believe that its possible to change, and for the better.  Your desire to be different has to be greater than your desire to remain the same.  You will know this is so, when your desire outweighs your fear and you move.  Follow that call of more that burns within you.  Decide, my friends, you can. Much love. ❤


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